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Most Beautiful Apps  by DaveKirshen

DaveKirshen says: I love smartphones and everything related to it. Apps design is one of the most important thing for me and that is why I'm sharing this list. Also, apps functionality is important and I tried to add only app which are very useful and provide the best value for the user.
DaveKirshen's picks
  1. To-Do List, Task List To-Do List, Task List Very elegant UI. Userful for managing your daily tasks lists.
  2. PR: Price Checker & Comparison
    PR: Price Checker & Comparison I used it for helping me with my shoppings. Barcode scanner, reviews, detailed recommendation for almiost any product I've searched. Recently Price Rhythm improved drasticaly the app's UI and it's the most beautiful app for shopping I've encountered so far.
  3. Vine - video entertainment
    Vine - video entertainment Wow! Twitter done some great job with that short videos socila app. I love it! Still need to play with it more in order to better understand it's value.
  4. Hangouts
    Hangouts My new WhatsApp replacement. Very useful and have some great connectivity features.
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