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My top 5 Android note taking apps - and the one I really use  by Chris74

Chris74 says: As a tech junkie I wanted to find an Android app that helps me taking notes and remembering things. There is an overwhelming number of related apps flying around, even free ones, all about note taking and task lists and reminders. So I went and checked a few, here is what I found for myself. (I like the idea of providing app lists, this is my second one here) Update: re-created this list to ged rid of some spam comments
Chris74's picks
  1. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. Seem to consider themselves market leader. Lots of fuzz about the company, their business and the heaps of money made. Actually this was the first notes app I checked. It has lots of features and seems to aim at doing office like work. More than just notes. They claim people use it for expense management and even private investigator work. I am doing neither. This app is great and I have it installed, but it's definitely not what I always need.
  2. AK Notepad
    AK Notepad The classic, good app. Nice tool to write down a few words. No reminders, photos, little integration. Looks a bit oldish. I want more.
  3. ColorNote Notepad Notes
    ColorNote Notepad Notes Popular download but I never got in line with it. Doesn't have what I want. No idea why this such an immensly popular download, people must like it for some reason. I like the idea of sorting topics/notes by color
  4. Catch Notes
    Catch Notes Good note taking app, though pretty slow on my HTC Wildfire. Somehow related to AK Notepad - which is better.
  5. Note Monger - take notes
    Note Monger - take notes Can do notes, reminders, photo notes... I found the app pretty useful when it comes to juggling with tasks and reminders. Right on the spot, straight forward... my best note taking app. Doesn't look as stylish as some others. The app keeps bringing new features so I expect some more goodies. Anyway, this is the notes app I am using now.
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