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SpeedFlasher (Speedmeter/Speedtrap)

!!! Warning !!! Do not use on public streets !!!
This little app features velocity measurement through the camera of your mobile phone.
The measured speed and the noise volume dba (decibel) of the bypassing object is shown on the display of the mobile device.
Set the flashlight option to make a flash if the maximum speed limit is met.

*How to use*

Before you start the measurement, you have to set the following fields to get correct speed values.

1)Viewing Width of Camera in Meter

Enter a estimated or the correct horizontal length of the live camera view.

2)Flash Speed

Set a maximum speed limit, if a object exceeds this limit the flashlight will be activated.

3)Moving Pixels on Screen in %

With this you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection

Keep your mobil absolutly wobble-free.
Display Resolution higher 480x800 required.

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