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Best Android Mapping Apps For GIS  by FredJudson

FredJudson says: I am a professional that specializes in location based tools, techniques, data and their implementation.
FredJudson's picks
  1. Google Earth
    Google Earth Mappping, Location Information and Visualization
  2. ArcGIS
    ArcGIS Mappping, Location Information and Visualization
  3. KMLZ to Earth
    KMLZ to Earth KML to Google Earth
  4. Geopaparazzi
    Geopaparazzi Quick and Easy Data Collection
  5. Custom Maps
    Custom Maps Georeference Any Map, Export to KML
  6. Maps
    Maps Directions to your destination, the closest good place for a bite to eat, or just a sense of where you are.
  7. Map Note
    Map Note Overlay a customized doodle or map direction on a map and send it.
  8. GPS Map Pro
    GPS Map Pro Map your place with images, POI, or create with GPS, Images, Tracks, or Routes.
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