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10 apps I use again and again  by laurentcoste70

laurentcoste70 says: I'm an Android apps developper : search for Haraweb in Google Play. I decided to publish this list to share the apps I re-install everytime I reset my phone!
laurentcoste70's picks
  1. Titanium Backup ★ root
    Titanium Backup ★ root Pros: secure your phone config. One-clic restore when your phone looses its config... Cons: works best on a rooted device. My opinion: Very useful! I bought the license key after a few days to show support to the dev team. As I develop apps, my phone is sonetimes buggy. With Titanium Backup, I never lost anything!
  2. NDrive 10
    NDrive 10 Pros: searching a destination is easy, especially with history log. The user interface is clear and easy to understand. Vocal guiding is a must to keep your eyes on the road! Cons: Roundabouts guiding could be more efficient ("go straight" instead of "take the second exit"...) My opinion: As efficient as a dedicated road-navigation-GPS, provided your android-phone GPS chip is fast and precise enough!
  3. GO SMS Pro
    GO SMS Pro Pros: A lot of features. Integrates with other apps from the same developper Cons: Heavy-weighted software! My opinion: I use it mainly for the private box (secured by a password). When somebody borrows my phone, I'm sure they won't read those msg I want to keep for myself!
  4. Free WiFi Spot
    Free WiFi Spot Pros: Very easy to use. Keeps your connexion infos for a completely transparent connexion. Proceeds to an automatic reconnexion when needed. Cons: None, IMO My opinion: A lightweight free app. It does the job seamlessly. Try it and keep it !
  5. Classic Text To Speech Engine
    Classic Text To Speech Engine Pros: High quality voices available in many languages. Easy configuration. Cons: None, IMO My opinion: I use it to test the text-to-speech features in the apps I develop! Note that the engine itself is free, but the voices are paid.
  6. Ulysse Gizmos
    Ulysse Gizmos Pros: Very simple and clear user interface. Cons: None, IMO My opinion: I only use it now and then, but each time it is very useful, for example to replace a dedicated bubble level when I do crafts.
  7. Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope Pros: A funny and slightly odd game. I particularly like the disappointed look of Om when the candy passes him by! Cons: Addicitve :-) My opinion: I'm not a gamer, neither on my phone nor on the PC, and my WII gathers dust... But this one I keep and play on a regular basis.
  8. Superuser
    Superuser Pros: A focused app that does the job. Cons: Only userful on a rooted phone... My opinion: A must-have when your phone is rooted, to control which app gets superuser access
  9. Just Player
    Just Player Pros: Efficient (the other Ampache clients I tested are buggy...), easy to use once setup is done. Cons: Not so easy to setup as the Ampache provider is a separate app from the player itself. My opinion: Setup your Ampache on an Internet-connected server and use "Just Player" to get access to your music everywhere (either over wifi or 3G)
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