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My favourite apps  by IraM

IraM says: So I would like to share the best arcades on Google Play
IraM's picks
  1. Prize Claw
    Prize Claw Reminds me of the games I played on the boardwalk down the shore as a kid and now! Still as much fun now as then!
  2. Modern War
    Modern War Brilliant addictive its hard to stop playing, more fun than World War
  3. Cheezia: Gears of Fur
    Cheezia: Gears of Fur I love the new / classic mixed styles of the gameplay. Cute screens, and controls are really intuitive.
  4. Ninja Saga
    Ninja Saga The game is so good that I played all night and also Iwent outside my bedroom and saw my imagination come to life
  5. Ghost Wars Pro
    Ghost Wars Pro Loved it. Almost like cartoon wars on iOS. However that was beatable. Made it to 34, maxed out and no go.
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