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Mobile for Mobile  by TroyJMorris

TroyJMorris says: These are my favorite, really regularly use, mobile apps that help me be just that-- mobile. These aren't just flash in the pan apps. These apps are incredibly reliable and offer alternatives to their competition that give it a more mobile edge.
TroyJMorris's picks
  1. OneBusAway
    OneBusAway As a Seattle Metro rider, our buses are always delayed and rain is almost guaranteed. No longer stuck getting soaked and angry, OneBusAway give me the buses real ETA.
  2. Glympse - Share GPS location
    Glympse - Share GPS location I often am meeting with friends and someone is running late, or plans change at the last minute, or perhaps someone doesn't know where the bar is, or or or-- there are so many real world scenarios this app solves! Simply share a Glympse (even if they don't have the app, it just opens in mobile web) and the person can find you for the time period you've decided. This app has single handedly saved me countless back and forth texts or phone calls with confused party members.
  3. Rdio Music
    Rdio Music When I upgraded to ICS, Pandora stopped working for my HTC device. Rdio stepped up. Music discovery and control, with great buffering and mobile offline music for when I'm on the subway. Love it.
  4. Pocket
    Pocket I find a lot of articles throughout the day, but don't always have time to read them. Sometimes I find them on my phone while reading Twitter in the morning on my way into the office. Other times, I find them while in the office on my laptop. Now I can read them on my tablet when I get home, or on my phone at the bar waiting for my friend. Real, honest, daily use.
  5. Google Drive
    Google Drive I know. It's Google. It is forced upon you. But I use this thing religiously. I'm often having to rush out the door, so I place the PDF for the tickets, the instructions, the new app I'm testing, the whatever in my Google Drive folder and check it out when I'm en route to wherever I have to be. I love the cloud.
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