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Best Apps For Cocktail Recipes  by diablolita

diablolita says: If you throw a lot of parties, you'll want to mix it up a bit in the beverage department. You can make yourself look like a genius with these cool mixology apps.
diablolita's picks
  1. Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes
    Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes Terrific app that lets you browse drinks by ingredients, name or category. I like the "cabinet" feature where you can add what you have in stock to the list and get recipes based on those selections. It has most of the classic recipes and a few of the obscure ones as well.
  2. Mixologistâ„¢ Drink Recipes
    Mixologistâ„¢ Drink Recipes Comprehensive drink app with nearly 8000 recipes on hand. I personally like the bartender terminology section and the ability to add custom recipes.
  3. Pocket Cocktails
    Pocket Cocktails Do you like to take photos of your food and cocktails? This app is for you! A great app for the visual drinker, Pocket Cocktails has tons of recipes with photos. I also like the pocket sommelier feature with food and wine pairings.
  4. 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free
    8,500+ Drink Recipes Free A simple yet useful app that is absolutely loaded with thousands of drink recipes. Great if you just want a simple drink search.
  5. Bartender
    Bartender Another beautifully simple drinks and cocktails app that would be as good for a professional bartender as the home mixologist. Look up drinks or create custom lists of your personal favorites for quick and easy recall.
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