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Top Apps For Summer Recipes - Part 2  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: As a mom, I have to plan ahead for everything, especially meals. These are some MORE of my top apps I'll be using this summer for recipe ideas, planning and execution.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Cookpad
    Cookpad This is a very handy recipe app that just gets better and better. Find recipes based on category, or just type in one ingredient to get a list. The forums are great as well, and I love being able to add my own recipes!
  2. Weber’s On the Grill™
    Weber’s On the Grill™ Nothing says summer like grilling on the barbecue. The app is great for finding recipes, creating a shopping list and getting grilling tips as well. The built in timer comes in handy as well. Only downfall is the 4.99 price, but if you grill a lot it's worth it.
  3. Healthy Recipes & Calculator
    Healthy Recipes & Calculator If you are watching what you eat, or just trying to create healthier meals for you and your family, this app is really great. Hundreds of recipes to choose from, and they include very useful calorie and nutritional information so that you can stay on track with your nutritional program.
  4. Jamie's 20 Minute Meals
    Jamie's 20 Minute Meals Jamie Oliver is always engaging to watch, and I love his focus on healthy eating. This app is great not only for the recipe ideas, but also for the easy to understand cooking techniques he gives. The shopping list feature is really fantastic.
  5. BigOven: 350,000+ Recipes
    BigOven: 350,000+ Recipes 250,000+ recipes, say what?? For real, this is an awesome database of recipes. I always find something new, and I love that if I see something I like at the store that's not on my list, I can instantaneously get a recipe and add to my shopping list!
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