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droidbot1000 says: Learn something new everyday. Check out these awesome apps!
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  1. Body Language Of Women Full
    Body Language Of Women Full There are some very interesting tips in this app. For example, if during conversation a woman has her legs crossed and is bobbing one up and down, then change the topic because she is bored. Mostly true.
  2. Signals
    Signals Learn a wide variety of signals. This app has everything from basic Braille to military hand signals and emoticons. It includes police codes, scuba diving hand signals, semaphore flag signals and much more. Did you know that this })i({ is a butterfly? Highly Recommend!
  3. Amateur Radio Exams 1.0.18
    Amateur Radio Exams 1.0.18 Learn all about amateur radio and then test your knowledge. It's good to know people are still on the airwaves that are not mainstream. Cool!
  4. Google Play Books
    Google Play Books Start off with Alice in Wonderland or Great Expectations. Just tap the screen to turn the page. Shop for every book you can imagine. Enjoy!
  5. Best Selling Kindle
    Best Selling Kindle Stay up-to-date with the best sellers on Kindle. Neat!
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