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Yoga apps for the yogi and newbie  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I travel quite a bit, and like to stay limber when I'm on the road. These are some terrific options for keeping you stretched and strong.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Daily Yoga for Abs
    Daily Yoga for Abs Yoga makes me very relaxed along with making me feel strong. I love the abs routines available on this app. They are simple and effective.
  2. Daily Yoga for Back
    Daily Yoga for Back While abs are important, the back is equally essential to your entire core. Love the Daily Yoga series, and the back focus is no different. I can do these exercises anywhere.
  3. Daily Yoga - Get Fit & Relaxed
    Daily Yoga - Get Fit & Relaxed Not to be confused with the other Daily Yoga series, this one has full downloadable HD videos. There is a great variety for any skill level. Could use fewer ads, but otherwise great app!
  4. Yoga Workout Planner
    Yoga Workout Planner A really nice app for people who want a good, professional yoga routine without paying the high prices. It's a nice supplement to your regular, in-studio routine to use this app a couple times a week.
  5. Pocket Yoga
    Pocket Yoga This is an app for those who prefer animated graphic instructions vs. video. I use this sometimes because it is easier to see some of the poses in the animations rather than an actual teacher.
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