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Get Down to Business  by diablolita

diablolita says: I work from home, or on the road, or at the beach... It all sounds good but it takes discipline to stay organized. Well, discipline and some good technology! These are the apps I use every day for business.
diablolita's picks
  1. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn LinkedIn has come a long way in the app world. When it started it was frankly awful, but now you can do many of the same things as on the web, including easily replying to messages. I don't use this app as much as the others but it works well when I do.
  2. Google Drive
    Google Drive I utilize Google docs every day, so Google Drive is a natural extension. With this you can share all your files and docs, including PDFs, and you can convert files to Google Doc format.
  3. Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite
    Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite Admittedly it's tough to create documents on your smart phone, but it's awesome to have the option. This app gives me that flexibility. Especially like the ppt function.
  4. GoToMeeting
    GoToMeeting I have clients and talent all over the country, so this is an essential app for communication. I can set up meetings and attend webinars from wherever I am. It doesn't work great on all devices, so do some research first.
  5. Dropbox
    Dropbox Dropbox is a life saver for sending large files. I also use it to store photos and videos to clear up space on my phone and laptop. Only thing missing is being able to directly add photos from my phone to dropbox.
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