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My Favorite Social Magazine Apps  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: Since I live on the go, I gotta get my news somewhere. I love that these apps also have a social sharing aspect.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Flipboard: Your News Magazine
    Flipboard: Your News Magazine Really a "one stop shop" for news from the web as well as your social stream. Love that I can integrate my twitter, google+ and facebook feeds along with being an RSS reader.
  2. The New Yorker: news magazine
    The New Yorker: news magazine I subscribe to The New Yorker magazine, but I like this app for when I'm away from home and still want to read it. Can't get enough of the irreverent writing and news! Not an amazing app, but gets the job done.
  3. Relay for reddit (Pro)
    Relay for reddit (Pro) Really quite a fantastic app. The UI is terrific and it just looks and operates slickly. I almost prefer this to the online version. Love it.
  4. Time Mobile
    Time Mobile If you like Time magazine, you'll enjoy this app. Great source of news and commentary. I mostly utilize the podcasts.
  5. Zite
    Zite Zite is a very cool personalized "magazine" that learns your tastes, and improves the content based on what you enjoy. Kind of the Pandora radio concept where you thumb up or thumb down articles. Looking forward to more improvements, but the interface and usability are already solid.
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