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Best Apps for Summer Road Trips  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: When you have kids, travel becomes quite an impossibility unless you go local. We do a lot of road trips, and these are the best apps out there for planning and executing a great local road trip!
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. RoadNinja
    RoadNinja With this app I can plan my road trip, see what's around me on the way, find local gas prices and much more. It's essential for those long drives with the family.
  2. GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas
    GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas With the economy in the tank and gas prices on the rise, it can cost a small fortune to fill up the tank on a road trip. GasBuddy is a serious money saver, directing you to the cheapest gas around. I've saved 10-15% on trips, which is pretty darn significant! Love this app.
  3. Orbitz - Flights, Hotels, Cars
    Orbitz - Flights, Hotels, Cars I use Orbitz on the web to plan ahead, and this is a great partner app to keep my reservations and follow up when needed. Also, it's terrific for unforeseen events when you have to improvise and find a hotel. I can search the area for the best prices right from my droid.
  4. Maps
    Maps I still carry a road atlas, just in case of the zombie apocalypse, but fortunately thanks to maps by google, I never have to use it. Great that I can utilize it either with a cellular signal or gps, with turn by turn directions and real time traffic. I can also search for coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations and rest areas nearby!
  5. Yelp
    Yelp Yelp never fails me when looking for somewhere to eat, or cool sights to see in unknown territory. Just been experimenting with the "nearby" feature which utilizes your phone's camera and points out choices within range. Haven't quite figured it out yet!
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