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Favorite First Aid For Kids Apps  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: As a mom, I've learned emergencies can happen in an instant. These are some apps I use and love for when those inevitable boo-boos happen.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. iTriage Health
    iTriage Health Put together by doctors, this is a handy little app for checking symptoms and potential causes. The cool thing is, it suggests medical providers or hospitals in the area, and can even connect you.
  2. Pocket First Aid & CPR
    Pocket First Aid & CPR Created by the American Heart Association, this is a really awesome act that I hope I never have to use! The tutorials and videos are easy to follow and you can choose from child, adult or infant, which is great for parents.
  3. First Aid - American Red Cross
    First Aid - American Red Cross This app is amazing! Tons of pre-loaded content and frequent updates, I can search out tips on virtually any type of emergency. What's also neat is taking quizzes to test your medical knowledge.
  4. First Aid Checklist
    First Aid Checklist Just a nice basic little app that helps you pack your own first aid kit. Going camping? Check out the suggestions. Live in an earthquake danger zone? This is your app.
  5. ICE - In Case of Emergency
    ICE - In Case of Emergency A little expensive, but a useful app to have for, wait for it ... In case of emergency! It stores your medical info along with doctor and family contacts. Very good for those with allergies, seizures or the elderly.
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