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Remember these memory games  by CinnamonMonkeyBread

CinnamonMonkeyBread says: Train your brain! Test your memory with these great Android games.
CinnamonMonkeyBread's picks
  1. Memory Trainer
    Memory Trainer One of the originals. Can help you focus and improve concentration.
  2. Memo for Kids
    Memo for Kids Find matching pairs. Perfect for young children, but see if you can beat their time yourself!
  3. MatchUp : Exercise your Memory
    MatchUp : Exercise your Memory Another straightforward memory matching game, but this one's better when played with a friend.
  4. Visual Memory
    Visual Memory Starts simple but gets challenging quick – great for visual recognition.
  5. Tangram
    Tangram OK, so it's not a memory game per se, but it IS great for flexing the old brain cells.
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