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Android apps to help you name your baby  by CinnamonMonkeyBread

CinnamonMonkeyBread says: If you're expecting a child and don't yet have a name in mind (or are intimidated by the sheer number of choices), here are some Android apps to help make the process easier.
CinnamonMonkeyBread's picks
  1. 50000 Baby Names FREE!
    50000 Baby Names FREE! It's free. There are 50,000 names. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great stuff.
  2. Baby Names
    Baby Names It might not have as many as the app above, but it's quite cute and offers pronunciation and details on each name.
  3. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro
    BabyBump Pregnancy Pro As well as the heaps of other info it contains, this app's searchable database of over 24,000 baby names is handy.
  4. Islamic Names with Meanings
    Islamic Names with Meanings Great if you're Muslim and looking to name a newborn as the meanings are very important.
  5. Pregasaurus: Baby Names FREE
    Pregasaurus: Baby Names FREE Very helpful if you're looking to choose an unusual baby name from another country.
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