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Interesting insect apps for Android: A bug lover's bonanza  by Shane_

Shane_ says: Here’s a list of decent apps for bug fans, insect lovers, and budding entomologists.
Shane_'s picks
  1. Friendly Bugs Free L.Wallpaper
    Friendly Bugs Free L.Wallpaper If you’re into looking at beautiful butterflies and bugs, this live wallpaper is all you.
  2. Audubon Insects & Spiders
    Audubon Insects & Spiders Neat guide to 500 common insects and arachnids. Search or browse for your favorite bugs. Nice photography and useful information. Some might consider it a tad expensive.
  3. Deadliest Insects
    Deadliest Insects Features some interesting images and statistics about some very bad bugs. Definitely of interest to those with little kids that ask questions like “What would happen if a scorpion, seven black widows and three brown recluse spiders bit you at the SAME TIME, daddy?”
  4. Lovely Insects
    Lovely Insects True to its title, this app features some images of…lovely insects.
    BUG VILLAGE Fans of The Sims games and insects will dig this bug-building simulation game featuring colonies of ants and bees.
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