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Android apps for superhero fans  by PresumingEd

PresumingEd says: Do you like superheroes? Do you live vicariously through them? If you're a fan of comic book superheroes, here are some Android apps worth downloading.
PresumingEd's picks
  1. Marvel AR
    Marvel AR Augmented reality comic book which takes the medium to a new level.
  2. The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII
    The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII Avengers and Iron Man. A perfect combo in this interactive comic book.
  3. DC Comics
    DC Comics Enjoy titles from the DC universe like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
  4. Super Heroes Logo
    Super Heroes Logo A fun, throwaway app that puts various superheroes on your home screen
  5. Comics
    Comics Loads of titles to choose from and it looks especially good on a tablet.
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