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Keep on Runnin'  by PresumingEd

PresumingEd says: Here are some of my favorite endless runner type games on Android. Enjoy!
PresumingEd's picks
  1. Temple Run
    Temple Run It took a while to arrive, but it was worth it and still remains fiendishly addictive.
  2. Canabalt HD
    Canabalt HD Probably the game that started the phenomenon online, it's still simple and effective despite numerous imitators.
  3. Robot Unicorn Attack
    Robot Unicorn Attack When you want things a bit more wacky and colorful, turn to the Unicorn!
  4. Running Fred
    Running Fred He has lots of moves which add spice and variety to a popular genre.
  5. Yoo Ninja! Free
    Yoo Ninja! Free One touch, simple fun with lots of levels and a 'just one more game' mentality. Gets pretty tough though.
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