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Lively up yourself…or just your Android device  by bigsuze

bigsuze says: Getting a new Android phone or tablet is always fun. Making it truly YOURS is even more fun. Here are some apps that can help you give your new Android beauty a touch of class.
bigsuze's picks
  1. ADWLauncher EX
    ADWLauncher EX Homescreen replacement app that really lets you take control of your Android’s appearance and operation. Incredibly feature-rich. Tons of available themes. Tweakers rejoice.
  2. GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper
    GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper Another extremely popular home replacement app. If you want your phone to look and feel like YOUR phone, you’ll definitely want a home replacement app. LauncherPro is another great choice.
  3. Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Beautiful Widgets Pro Perennially popular app offers tons of cool clock and weather widgets and animations for your homepage.
  4. HD Widgets
    HD Widgets More great time and temperature widgets for tablets and phones. Features useful options like weather forecasts and time displays for multiple locations.
  5. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers
    Backgrounds HD Wallpapers Ready to ditch that boring default background? Grab a wallpaper app and get cracking. Thousands of choices.
  6. Flikie Wallpapers HD
    Flikie Wallpapers HD Another great choice for wallpaper fans. TONS of choices. Something for everyone.
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