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Facebook alternatives for Android  by CinnamonMonkeyBread

CinnamonMonkeyBread says: For some, the official Facebook for Android app can be a bit clunky, though admittedly it improves with each update. But if you're tired of it already, there are some other useful apps for viewing your FB feed.
CinnamonMonkeyBread's picks
  1. Friendcaster Pro
    Friendcaster Pro The original, and probably still one of the best, with lots of functionality and a great design.
  2. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)
    Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) A nice way to intermingle your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single app.
  3. Vita for Facebook
    Vita for Facebook A convenient way to access FB on a tablet which takes advantage of its bigger screen size.
  4. CheckIn
    CheckIn If you check-in to places like a beast, you'll appreciate the simplicity of using this app instead of the slower, more awkward check-ins of Facebook's official app.
  5. iLoader
    iLoader A quick way to upload multiple images to your timeline. Admittedly, the latest official Facebook app update offers quick-access uploads too, but iLoader's been at it for a while and does a good job.
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