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Keep on moving with these grooving transportation apps  by PresumingEd

PresumingEd says: Android smartphones make getting around so much easier, whether its via maps, public transportation timetables, taxi apps and more. Here's a few I really like.
PresumingEd's picks
  1. Maps
    Maps Is it silly to put this when it's already on your phone? Probably not when it offers maps, navigation, local search and so much more. It's invaluable.
  2. Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic
    Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic It's like a social GPS with reports from other users of traffic snarl ups etc.
  3. Curb - The Taxi App
    Curb - The Taxi App Handy taxi service which takes the hassle out of ordering a cab.
  4. Chicago Transit Tracker Pro
    Chicago Transit Tracker Pro Great for Chicago dwellers who need bus times or L schedules.
  5. Uber
    Uber Right now, it's just expensive 'special' cabs, but soon in Chicago it'll be for ordinary taxis which will be super handy.
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