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Money-Schmoney... Top Financial Apps for Android  by bigsuze

bigsuze says: If you’re like me, you know keeping track of your money is important, but you never have enough time to do it properly. If you have accounts at several banks and brokerages it can be a chore to keep up with everything. But, as they say…”There’s an app for that!” Here are a few apps that can help you keep an eagle eye on your finances.
bigsuze's picks
  1. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money If you could have only one personal finance app, this would be the one to get. From Intuit, Mint helps you keep track of ALL your accounts in one place. You can add checking accounts, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, mortgages, car loans, student loans…and keep track of everything at a glance. This app really helps you see the big picture of your financial situation.
  2. Yahoo Finance
    Yahoo Finance If you like following stock market activity and business news, Yahoo! has your back. Tons of timely content including aggregated news from top sources.
  3. Google Finance
    Google Finance Similar to the Yahoo! offering, though perhaps not quite its equal.
  4. E*TRADE Mobile
    E*TRADE Mobile If you’d like to place orders and execute trades directly from your Android device, this app is for you. Get the same great quality of service and low trade cost that you’re accustomed to from E*TRADE, directly from your phone or tablet.
  5. IRS2Go
    IRS2Go It’s never too early (or late) to think about your tax situation. This official IRS app gives you ready access to loads of important information, from tax code changes, to important dates, to online rate schedules. Perhaps most important, it also lets you keep track of your refund status.
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