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Excellent E-Book Apps for Android  by BigDuke6

BigDuke6 says: Book reading apps are getting tremendously popular as smartphones and tablets rapidly replace the magazines and books that used to clutter our coffee tables and nightstands. Here are some e-book apps that no one should be without.
BigDuke6's picks
  1. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle The king of electronic book readers. Offers access to over a million popular books and magazines.
  2. iStoryBooks
    iStoryBooks Have kids? This app gives you access to a bunch of age-appropriate stories. Definitely worth a shot.
  3. Audiobooks from Audible
    Audiobooks from Audible Prefer audio books? Audible has over 100,000 to choose from. ‘Nuff said.
  4. NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines
    NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines Barnes and Noble’s e-book reader and marketplace offers exclusive access to some titles not available on Kindle.
  5. Amazon
    Amazon When the book you want isn’t available in an e-book or audio book format, your best bet for snagging a physical copy is to check This official app can help you find books and pretty much everything else under the sun.
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