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Exciting Education Apps for Teachers  by Shane_

Shane_ says: Today’s Android phones and tablets give teachers ready access to tons of great educational resources. Here are a few apps sure to be of interest to educators.
Shane_'s picks
  1. TED
    TED Amazing video repository offers easy access to hundreds of fascinating speeches and presentations. Something here to inspire every educator.
  2. Wikipedia
    Wikipedia User created and curated encyclopedia. Incredible resource offers extensive info on every topic under the sun. Must-have.
  3. Edmodo
    Edmodo Today’s connected classrooms and collaborative learning environments demand powerful tools to enable effective communication. That’s where Edmodo comes in.
  4. Mobile Learn™
    Mobile Learn™ Another powerful collaborative tool that helps keep students and teachers up-to-date and on the same page with projects, deadlines, reading assignments, and more.
  5. Teacher Aide Demo (v1)
    Teacher Aide Demo (v1) Trial version offers attendance tracking, grading assistance, and more. If you like the app, the $6 full version will cover all your classes.
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