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These games are out of this world  by PresumingEd

PresumingEd says: To celebrate the release of Angry Birds Space, here's some great space-based games to play on your Android
PresumingEd's picks
  1. Angry Birds Space
    Angry Birds Space Kill those pigs in space. The gravity element of the new Angry Birds game really steps it up a notch.
  2. Dead Space
    Dead Space Scary third-person corridor shooter set in a dark, creepy space-station.
  3. Space Invaders Infinity Gene
    Space Invaders Infinity Gene This is a really nice update of the traditional Space Invaders game with lots of levels. It's a bit expensive though.
  4. Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD
    Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD If you have a powerful tablet to play this one, you're in luck. It has pretty great graphics and an epic story.
  5. Spirit HD
    Spirit HD This one has a really cool game mechanic for destroying the little alien space ships.
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