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My Favorite Torrent Apps for the Android  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: Bit-Torrent is the premier file sharing protocol on the net. Being an open protocol, it makes sense that there are some great torrent apps for the also open Android platform. Here are my favorite torrent apps for the Android, not just limited to torrent clients.
kcooper11's picks
  1. BarTor
    BarTor BarTor is a torrent search engine that lets you search for torrent files via text, voice, or as it's name suggests, via bar code. Just scan a piece of traditional media (think CD cover, DVD box) and the app will find a tracker digital version you can upload to your client of choice. You can use this as a remote for your desktop's torrent client, and in the latest version, the AndTorrent client just for Android.
  2. miTorTV
    miTorTV This app also functions as a BitTorrent remote but with one big difference: it is specially designed to keep track of television shows. It will keep track of the shows you watch automatically, let you mark which episodes you've seen, and sync with your desktop torrent client to download new episodes when they become available.



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