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Noteworthy News Apps for Android  by Shane_

Shane_ says: Check out these rock solid news apps. They'll help you take in tons of news on your Android phone or tablet.
Shane_'s picks
  1. News360: Personalized News
    News360: Personalized News World News galore. Great layout. Tons of sources. Useful search feature.
  2. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse Visually appealing. Read articles now or easily save them for later viewing. Top pick.
    USA TODAY Some people bag on this popular paper. I’m not one of them. Clean layout. Solid content.
  4. Google Currents
    Google Currents Flipboard wannabe. Tons of potential. Google can turn this into a big winner if they put their backs into it. Worth a look.
  5. ESPN
    ESPN If you want your sports news and scores in a hurry, there’s really no other app you need.
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