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Favorite Shoot-em up Games on Tablet  by xoomxoom

xoomxoom says: If you usually like my picks, check out this list.
xoomxoom's picks
  1. Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+
    Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ This is the ultimate war in the jungle game. Awesome graphics. Intense game play!
    FRONTLINE COMMANDO Awesome if you love 3D war games. Move from location to location and destroy the enemy. Very realistic!
  3. AirAttack HD Lite
    AirAttack HD Lite Realistic graphics and excellent music! Make sure to bomb the bridges and boats and destroy enemy planes. My favorite weapon is the flamethrower. Recommend!
  4. Shooting club
    Shooting club Train just like you would at a real shooting gallery. Start with pop up targets and progress to moving ducks. Recommend!
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