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Addictive Games  by xoomxoom

xoomxoom says: Ahhhhhh I just can't stop!
xoomxoom's picks
  1. EVAC HD
    EVAC HD A super laid back glow in the dark Pacman like game. Oh, and I love the music! Recommend!
  2. City Jump
    City Jump Jump higher and higher from building to building, collect points and be careful to stay away from the black creatures that knock you off and make you have to start all over again. Enjoy!
    FRONTLINE COMMANDO Awesome if you love 3D war games. Move from location to location and destroy the enemy. Very realistic!
  4. Magic Portals Free
    Magic Portals Free Make your way through the magic portholes. Move from level to level. As you complete each lever the game becomes more difficult. Fun!
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