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Awesome Paid Games for Foodies  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: If you enjoy food and games based around the essence of food then you'll enjoy these games without a doubt.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Stand O’ Food® (Full)
    Stand O’ Food® (Full) This intensely fast paced game will have you sweating trying to meet the rapid demands of the customers.
  2. Diner Tycoon
    Diner Tycoon The graphics in this game are what drew me to it at first; they are cute and fun. Not to mention that the game itself is terribly addicting and entertaining.
  3. Fast Food Mayhem
    Fast Food Mayhem This crazy game will have you sweating trying to complete a foodie puzzle that you assumed would be a cinch. It's immensely fun to say the least.
  4. Chef Cook Mania- 500 Chef Pts
    Chef Cook Mania- 500 Chef Pts Challenge yourself in this fun game to see if you've got what it takes to become a truly virtual master chef.
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