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Favorite Xoom games Feb. 2012  by xoomxoom

xoomxoom says: If you usually like my picks, check these out!
xoomxoom's picks
  1. SpaceCat (3D)
    SpaceCat (3D) Few games are more fun than Space Cat 3D. Launch and steer the cat to collect mice. Be careful not to hit the ceiling and remember to land on the yellow launch pad. Recommend!
  2. Paper Football 3D
    Paper Football 3D This game is best played on a tablet facing upright in "kick mode." Then, it's just like the flick football you used to play in school. Unfortunately, it took me about ten minutes to figure it out, but maybe I have saved you some trouble. Recommend.
  3. Magic Portals Free
    Magic Portals Free Make your way through the magic portholes. Move from level to level. As you complete each lever the game becomes more difficult. Fun!
  4. Caps
    Caps First of all, I love the music. Secondly, this game is fun to play. See how many objects and opponents caps you can slingshot off of the table without suiciding your own caps. Fun!
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