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The Diner's Guide to Dining  by LaceyBean

LaceyBean says: I love dining out, and sometimes just wandering the streets aimlessly looking for somewhere to go doesn't cut it! Here are some apps to help with your overall dining experience.
LaceyBean's picks
  1. OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me
    OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me Great for making reservations on the go. Super easy to use interface, and immediate email confirmation sent.
  2. Yelp
    Yelp Love using for peer reviews, search by current location or specific location. Also fun to check-in and leave little tips as you go.
  3. Tip & Split Tip Calculator
    Tip & Split Tip Calculator The best app for tipping accurately and also splitting the bill among multiple people.
  4. Dining Deals - Food Coupons
    Dining Deals - Food Coupons Brings up deals local to you in many restaurants. Great if you want to grab something and are on a budget, you can check to see if there are any deals instead of waiting for Groupon or a similar site to email them to you.
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