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Go Patriots! Superbowl XLVI  by diablolita

diablolita says: I am not really routing for the Patriots, but my boyfriend is and these are the apps he says are the best.
diablolita's picks
  1. New England Patriots Live Wall
    New England Patriots Live Wall This LWP shows you live football scores! The simple display shows a Patriots helmet, the game that's being played, and the score for that game. Customizable with a fair number of different settings/options.
  2. New England Patriots Team Pad
    New England Patriots Team Pad See the latest info about the Patriots including schedule, standing, roster, injuries and news in a great, easy to use UI.
  3. New England Patriots Theme
    New England Patriots Theme This is an awesome theme that helps you show off your team spirit. Patriots logo as the background, cobalt background, red icons, simple, small clock. Tight and neat and well-designed.
  4. New England Football News
    New England Football News This is an RSS news feed that aggregates local and national sources including blogs. Great way to keep up to date on the Patriots.
  5. Patriots Official NFL Clock
    Patriots Official NFL Clock This clock widget has the Patriots logo and built-in scoreboard. There are two different options for both the scoreboard and the clock.
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