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Top 5 Music Therapy Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: Sound and vibration are powerful healing tools. Here are some apps that make use of music therapy as a healing modality. Great for a pick-me-up or as part of a long-term regimen.
diablolita's picks
  1. Attunement Music Therapy
    Attunement Music Therapy This app costs $1.99 and contains music designed to address different needs: grounding, inner peace, relaxing, energizing, surrender, primordial, healing. You can listen to each track for from 5 - 30 minutes. A great tool to help you achieve inner peace.
  2. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
    Music Therapy for Sound Sleep This free app has 8 music pieces and 12 ambient sounds. The music is designed with different frequencies to affect relaxation - including Low Speed Alpha Wave. This app really does help you get and stay asleep!
  3. Music Therapy for Refreshment
    Music Therapy for Refreshment Time to wake up? this free app is an Alpha Wave music app for Android. It uses Medium Speed Alpha Wave to invigorate and energize you. Contains both music and ambient sounds.
  4. Music Therapy
    Music Therapy This app costs $5.23 and streams 30 minute music sessions on 7 different stations designed to bring about different relaxing sensations. A little overpriced.
  5. Miracle Of Music Therapy
    Miracle Of Music Therapy This is an ebook about music therapy for Android that introduces people to the benefits it can provide. $4.99.
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