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Paint Pretty Pictures! Best Drawing/Painting Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: These are some great draw/paint apps for Android mostly chosen for their breadth of color choices.
diablolita's picks
  1. Kiddy Paint! Free
    Kiddy Paint! Free This app is great for kids and adults alike - creates a painting canvas out of your phone. There are 14 colors, each of which can be used at 5 different degrees of saturation/density. Also control the thickness of the lines and style of drawing tool.
  2. Paint Joy - Movie Your Drawing
    Paint Joy - Movie Your Drawing This fun app allows you to draw a picture with your finger using your choice of many tools - and then show your drawing process as a movie. Lots of colors and you can import images.
  3. Multi Touch Painting Demo
    Multi Touch Painting Demo There are lots of effects you can use with this paint program, and tons of colors - but what's coolest about it is that you can draw/paint two lines at once and do other nifty tricks that make use of multitouch functionality.
  4. Glow Paint
    Glow Paint Only 10 colors, but they are *so* cool. Draw neon, glowing images on your phone's screen. There are templates and template patterns you can use - or make up your own from scratch.
  5. Oil Paint
    Oil Paint This app allows you to change any drawing or image in your gallery to an oil painting. Nifty effect.
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