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My Favorite Smoothie Apps for Android  by JennyMurphy88

JennyMurphy88 says: Smoothies are my favorite way to start a healthy day with no afternoon coffee crash or jitters. Check out these apps to inspire a healthy lifestyle.
JennyMurphy88's picks
  1. Smoothies
    Smoothies Vegan dairy free smoothie tips, FAQ, creative recipes, and instructions with commentary from food blogger Kathy Patalsky.
  2. Fruit Smoothies
    Fruit Smoothies Fresh fruit smoothies make cool healthy summertime treats.
  3. Smoothies : Free
    Smoothies : Free Smoothie recipes organizes by category, fruit, favorites, or randomize.
  4. Simple Green Smoothies
    Simple Green Smoothies Meal replacement smoothie video demonstrations!
  5. Shakes And Smoothies
    Shakes And Smoothies Over 40 simple and inspiring recipes crossing health with spunk including Pumpkin Pie Spice Shake, Orange Cream-cycle Shake, Coffee Bliss Smoothie, and Mocha Latte shake.
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