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My Steampunk List  by diablolita

diablolita says: I love 18th century Jules Verne visions of the future and the design motif that goes with it. Fashion, furniture... apps.
diablolita's picks
  1. Steampunk GO SMS Theme
    Steampunk GO SMS Theme This SMS theme has an awesome crimson background with an industrial looking frame with gears. Beautiful, classy, VERY steampunk.
  2. Steampunk Clock
    Steampunk Clock Awesome steampunk clock with ornate hands and face - the numbers are done in Roman numerals. Analog to the max.
  3. Steampunk Clock
    Steampunk Clock Another beautiful steampunk clock with a pocketwatch design. Roman numeral numbers, looks like there is a glass face and even has winding knobs.
  4. Steampunk Theme Style 2
    Steampunk Theme Style 2 This theme looks like a leatherbound book made from red velvet - with an ornate clock on the home screen, Roman numerals. Icons are gorgeous - like a steampunk dayplanner.
  5. ClockWork Live Wallpaper
    ClockWork Live Wallpaper This LWP is highly customizable and interactive. It responds when you touch the screen or move the phone, lighting even changes. Nice motion.
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