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Best Free Apps for Interpreting Your Dreams  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: These apps will provide you with a deeper understanding of what certain dreams mean, or what people think they mean at least, and maybe you'll resonate with something.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Dream Catcher - dream meanings
    Dream Catcher - dream meanings With over 8,000 different keywords and 30,000 explanations for what dreams could mean, you're going to have to try and remember all you can about your dreams if you want to examine them.
  2. Dream Dictionary
    Dream Dictionary Through using this app you will gain knowledge of why you dream the things you dream, thus leading you to have a better understanding of yourself.
  3. Dream Diary
    Dream Diary The best way to keep track of what happened in what dream is to write it down when you wake up. This app will then help you to research the meanings and you won't have to pick your brain trying to remember what happened in what dream.
  4. Dream Psycholo... (ebook Free)
    Dream Psycholo... (ebook Free) Dreams are often tremendously complex so it takes someone with a vast knowledge of many things to explain logic behind them, this book will get you started.



You should try DREAM-e: smart dream analysis (A.I.)

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