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My Favorite Quilting Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: Quilting is a feminine art that has been passed down through generations. Here are some quilting apps that I really like.
diablolita's picks
  1. Quilting Calculators
    Quilting Calculators This is a collection of 8 quilting calculators including a fabric measurement converter, a backing and batting calculator, a piece count calculator, a pieces to yardage area calculator, a binding calculator, a border calculator, a square-in-a-square calculator, and a set-in and corner triangle calculator. ALL FREE!
  2. Quilt Shops
    Quilt Shops This app is your easy gateway to over 2500 quilt shops across the US. Easy and quick to locate, contact, map, and lookup online any quilting store. Can search using GPS.
  3. Quilting
    Quilting This free app keeps you in touch with the latest about quilting. RSS feeds and other content are constantly updated to keep you up to date.
  4. Quilting Revealed 101
    Quilting Revealed 101 This app is on sale for $1.37 and usually retails for $15.99. It includes lots of info about quilting including history, a technical guide, style guides, and much more.
  5. Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool
    Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool This app costs $3.99 and has directions for cutting 102 rotary-cut quilt blocks in 5 sizes. Lots of detail and no math necessary!
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