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My Parkour List  by diablolita

diablolita says: Lately I've been obsessed with Parkour and FreeRunning. These apps help feed my obsession.
diablolita's picks
  1. Your Parkour App
    Your Parkour App this app has a photo gallery of beautiful Parkour shots, a dictionary of moves, and training articles to teach you how to be an expert Traceur. Also has quotes!
  2. Parkour: Roof Riders
    Parkour: Roof Riders Live out your Parkour fantasies in this fun game for only $1.99.
  3. Parkour Panda Running Panda
    Parkour Panda Running Panda Live out your Parkour fantasies - in a world that eerily resembles Super Mario Bros. - as a Panda - in this cute and odd game that could only be Japanese.
  4. Parkour illustrated
    Parkour illustrated This is a free set of beautiful and motivating Parkour shots. Fun and engaging to look at.
    EXTREME STUNT VIDEOS Lots of Parkour vids in this collection of extreme stunt videos of all kind. Get new videos on your phone daily.
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