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Best Fractal Live Wallpapers  by diablolita

diablolita says: Who doesn't love a good Mandelbrot? Here are my favorite live wallpapers with fractals in them!
diablolita's picks
  1. Live Wallpaper Water Fractal
    Live Wallpaper Water Fractal This LWP contains 6 water ripple fractal live wallpapers, all in clean colors on a black background. Very "tech". Cool!
  2. Fractal Glow Live Wallpaper
    Fractal Glow Live Wallpaper Fractal patterns that emanate from the center of the screen, nice colors on black.
  3. Fractal Live Wallpaper
    Fractal Live Wallpaper This is a live wallpaper of a Madelbrot fractal! Continuous zoom - very awesome and great for fractal geeks.
  4. IFS Live Wallpaper
    IFS Live Wallpaper This comes from the Windows IFS screensaver - it's a LWP that produces spinning fractals and geometry on a black background.
  5. Fractal Live Wallpaper 3
    Fractal Live Wallpaper 3 Crazy cool spinning fractals with every color in the universe!
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