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The Bible  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: These apps help you keep the Bible with you at all times, and help you to read and study it.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Bible + by Olive Tree
    Bible + by Olive Tree This version of the King James Bible lets you notate, highlight, and bookmark passages in the Bible - and you can also back them up sync them. Within the app you can also get access to other Bible study aids. Great UI, allows you to search through the Bible and look at two things at once on a split screen.
  2. Bible
    Bible This app lets you access the Bible offline. It contains over 150 translations of the Bible. You can listen or read. You can share Bible verses on social media. You can highlight and make notes. Tons of features!
  3. KJV Bible
    KJV Bible This is the King James Version of the Bible available offline. It lets you easily locate books/chapters/verses and has a great search function. You can also have it read aloud, and it comes with a 3 year daily read plan.
  4. CadreBible - Bible Software
    CadreBible - Bible Software This is an offline Bible study tool that contains lots of offline Bibles, and tons of other reference materials and resources. You can take notes, share, and have it read aloud.
  5. ESV Bible
    ESV Bible This is a free offline version of the ESV Bible. Easy to use, and easy to read. Not too many features, but easily searchable.
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