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New Years Games!  by diablolita

diablolita says: This is a list of New Years games that are appropriate for kids - great for parents looking for some way to entertain their kids so they can get some time to party!
diablolita's picks
  1. New Year Jigsaw Puzzle
    New Year Jigsaw Puzzle A great selection of holiday themed jigsaw puzzles with lots of levels and lots of different difficulties.
  2. Angry Birds Seasons
    Angry Birds Seasons This version of Angry Birds has seasonally appropriate levels. The winter seasons have presents you can break open for extra points!
  3. New Year - Match Up! HD
    New Year - Match Up! HD This memory/matching game has a holiday/New Years theme. Great for kids and anyone wanting to work on their memory!
  4. Your Own 2012
    Your Own 2012 This is a game where you can take our your frustrations on the world by destroying various parts of it (or all of it) in various ways. Choose your weapon and go to town.
  5. New Years
    New Years This is a LWP with 2012 on it and moving balloons that when you pop reveal NYE themed items like confetti.
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