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My Favorite New Years Eve Themes for Android - 2  by diablolita

diablolita says: I love Android because of how customizable and personalizable (is that a word?) it is. I also love New Years - so here are some of my favorite Android themes involving New Years.
diablolita's picks
  1. 2014 New Year Theme GoLauncher
    2014 New Year Theme GoLauncher This theme has cute and tasteful icon sets and an odd modern background with a magician sparking a "Happy New Years" message. Lots of pink, orange, yellow.
  2. New Year 2012Theme GO Launcher
    New Year 2012Theme GO Launcher This theme has boring greenish icons on a a crimson background with a "2012 Happy New Year" message in white with snowflakes around it.
  3. LC New Years Apex/Go/Nova
    LC New Years Apex/Go/Nova This is a nice, simple, tasteful New Years theme with all the icons sitting in champagne and martini glasses, and a black and blue background.
  4. Into the New Year Theme
    Into the New Year Theme This theme is has a choice between a variety of purple backgrounds and icons (many say "toast" and "cheer" across the background". Very fun, festive, and elegant!
  5. New Year's Ball Theme
    New Year's Ball Theme This is a very cool theme with a choice of red and gold backgrounds and gold icons. All the screens say "Happy New Year" across the bottom. Fun, festive, well done!
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