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Best Free Apps for Evading Traffic  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: Being stuck on the road is a pain in the butt, which is a ridiculously large understatement. I love that I have an android because without it I wouldn't be able to dip around block ups or accidents and ultimately end up getting where I need to be in far less time than if I just went on hunches alone.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Beat the Traffic
    Beat the Traffic I love this app. It Shows you the quickest route and provides real time updates of accidents and pileups so you don't end up getting stuck going a mile an hour on a freeway.
  2. My Traffic
    My Traffic This app monitors the traffic around you as you are driving and lets you decide if you want to take a super congested street or FW exit or if you want to be smart and avoid that terrible situation all together
  3. INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS
    INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS With real time traffic reports anytime day or night, it'll be hard to not know the quickest way to your destination.
  4. Glob - Traffic Info and Radars
    Glob - Traffic Info and Radars This app does many a thing but my favorite is that it will warn you from calculating your current speed, if you are approaching speed cams or accidents.
  5. Traffic
    Traffic This app lets you view traffic cameras that the cities place at intersections, so If you're planning on taking a certain street but see that its bumper to rear end then you'll know where the congestion lies.
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