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Happy Winter Solstice!  by diablolita

diablolita says: Here are some apps to help you celebrate the Winter Solstice!
diablolita's picks
  1. Natural Time
    Natural Time This is a different sort of calendar that keeps in time with the cycles of the Earth and the Moon.
  2. Pagan Calendar
    Pagan Calendar Get this Pagan Calendar on your phone and keep up with equinoxes and solstices and other Pagan holidays.
  3. Sundroid Pro Sunrise Sunset
    Sundroid Pro Sunrise Sunset This app calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, length of day, moonrise, and moonset and much, much more from anywhere in the world. Great for farmers and pagans. :)
  4. Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)
    Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) This app lets you see where the sun is in the sky at any time and shows sunrise/set times and had a great visual UI with a 3D compass.
  5. Sun Tracker AR
    Sun Tracker AR This really cool app shows you through the camera in your phone where in the sky the sun will be any time of year. GREAT for photographers, builders, gardeners... and Vampires. :)
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