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Apps for the International Motorcycle Shows   by LadyX

LadyX says: This weekend I'm helping staff the WMRRA booth at the Seattle IMS. It's been great to see how technology is taking over this event - iPads and Android tablets used as entry form takers instead of paper, QR codes to scan to link to Facebook pages for companies, and so much more! Here are the apps I collected after my first shift.
LadyX's picks
  1. Progressive
    Progressive This years International Motorcycle Shows is presented by Progressive. Progressive is also my insurance and they have this great app. Check it out.
  2. QR Code
    QR Code A must have app for scanning QR codes at events like this one. You can even create a QR code with this app for your Facebook sign, or a link to your website if you're a presenter.
  3. Allstate(SM) Mobile
    Allstate(SM) Mobile Allstate had a nice booth setup to go over the ins and outs of motorcycle insurance.
  4. Harley Davidson Guide
    Harley Davidson Guide I was talking to one of the Harley Davidson reps and asked him if he had any Harley related apps on his Android phone and he said that he regularly browses the Harley Davidson Guide when he gets some downtime. It's packed full of articles and tips for the new (or soon to be) Harley owner.
  5. MotoGP Wallpapers
    MotoGP Wallpapers I ran across a guy at the Yamaha booth with an amazing lockscreen picture of Colin Edwards and when I asked where he got it he told me about this app.
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