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Best Penguin Games  by diablolita

diablolita says: I love penguins. Here are my favorite Android games involving penguins.
diablolita's picks
  1. Air PenguinĀ®
    Air PenguinĀ® In this game you tilt your phone to help a penguin get through the South Pole. It's sort of like pinball in that you bounce off of things to set your direction. Fun, simple, nice graphics - addictive!
  2. Flying Penguin  best free game
    Flying Penguin best free game In this game you gain momentum on mountain slopes and see how far your penguin can fly.
  3. Penguin Baseball
    Penguin Baseball Be a polar bear standing at the edge of a big rock. When the penguin drops down *thwack* - it's a home run! Pretty much just what it says. Penguin Baseball.
  4. Penguin Skiing 3D
    Penguin Skiing 3D This is a fun skiing game where you are judged on your time on the slope and also how many fish your penguin picks up.
  5. Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin
    Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin This game had two penguins that talk to you and react to your touch - as well as 4 minigames built in.
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